1 year ago

Eve Photo Shoot Spread In The Coveteur

Eve looked super cute in a new feature photo shoot spread with The Coveteur, which explores lifestyles, fashion, culture and more. Notably in the interview, Eve mentioned fellow female rapper Queen Latifah giving her advice once to always diversify and do other things and try new things!

Eve on her current joint tour with Gwen Stefani: “We worked really hard on my show for this tour. It’s really fun—I’m so excited! It’s definitely a lot of hard work though. I haven’t toured in the States in a long time. But, once I got the call about coming out with Gwen [Stefani], I was like, this is a good way to come back. There’s a whole iridescent theme for my tour. I’m obsessed. So my nails match, too. I’m trying to make [manicurist Michelle Won] send me nails while I’m on tour so I can just press them on. Hair is my jewelry. Whatever mood, color, it definitely is what I’m feeling. This will probably be up to my chin in like a week. Getting to play with weaves and wigs is so fun. And then I can keep my hair underneath healthy.”

Eve on the current state of the music industry for new artists: “It is definitely ridiculously different now than it was when I first came into the industry, in a good and bad way. You don’t have to wait to try to get signed to a label. You can, literally, do whatever you want, whatever you need to do to get your own following. Put yourself out on social media, it’s all amazing. In other ways it’s not so amazing, in terms of how music gets sold now. Ultimately, as an artist, just do your thing, put your music out there, express yourself, find your following, be on social media. That, honestly, is just the best way. Even established artists, we have to do the same thing. Just put yourself out there.”

The Coveteur began as a passion project exploring the homes and closets of global street style stars and tastemakers, and has evolved into exploring all things behind-the-scenes: lifestyle, fashion, and culture. With an emphasis on highly personalized curation, The Coveteur goes one step further in examining the creative process, inspiration and influence of the individuals who are defining the zeitgeist of our times.

SOURCE: The Coveteur