da brat
1 year ago

New Music: JD ft. Da Brat & The Dream – ‘F U Pay Me’

Da Brat and Jermaine Dupri collab on the new track “F U Pay Me!” Recently, Da Brat was at the 2016 VH1 Hip Hop Honors to pay homage to some of the pioneering “females” in the “rap game” like Missy Elliott, Lil’ Kim, Queen Latifah, Eve and many more!

“Told you my niggas will be home soon/And I keep ’em close by/Yeah, we be the most fly/Two you ever seen/Smoother than a ghost ride/Only fear the most high/Fuck ya blog post/I got my middle finger up high/And I’m like ‘boy, bye’/Tell ’em ‘boy, bye’/I don’t eat off the same menu, I want it fresh as it gets/You can’t do nothing but continue when you blessed like this/Two hundred thousand in my earlobe, nigga, fuck your wrist/And the win is automatic, Dream, me and my sis,” rap Da Brat and JD.