11 months ago

Dreezy Covers Rolling Out Magazine

Dreezy did a cute photo shoot for the cover of Rolling Out Magazine!

Dreezy’s thoughts on gun violence in Chicago: “What are your thoughts on the gun violence that continues to plague Chicago?
At this point, I have thoughts on violence around the whole world. It’s not just Chicago. It’s really the whole world. Everybody needs to chill and mind their business, do something that makes them happy and really stop being so mad. That’s why I called my album No Hard Feelings, because I don’t get too attached to stuff. When people put their feelings into stuff, that’s when it goes wrong. People have got to think rationally. Everybody focus and do the right thing, think positive, and mind your own business.”

Dreezy on her remix of Nicki Minaj’s “Chiraq”:

“Everybody around me was more hyped than I was. I was just shocked by the response. I knew that I went crazy on that song so I was just taking it all in.”

Source: Rolling Out