11 months ago

M.I.A. Says ‘AIM’ Is A Cute My Little Pony Album

M.I.A. is one of many artists that use their own brain to make their own judgement about particular situations. M.I.A. spoke with The Guardian about her new album “AIM,” her personal opinion on why she was left out of the VMA nominations and more. View photos and excerpts from the interview.

“In my head this is like the love album. It’s a cute album, My Little Pony, compared to what I usually make,” M.I.A. told The Guardian.

M.I.A on “Borders” not being nominated at the VMA’s: “If you have a music industry that’s so ingrained with the political agendas of the time that you censor art like that… You can think it’s my paranoia. And you can write that, say: ‘Oh, yeah, MIA, she was super-paranoid about all these people doing all these things, but that’s not true, [her video] was just rubbish.’ You can write that.”

M.I.A.’s ‘AIM’ album is out now!