chanel west coast nicki minaj
11 months ago

Chanel West Coast Feels Nicki Minaj Ain’t Feeling Her

Chanel West Coast did a lengthy interview with the ‘Improper Etiquette’ podcast w/ Laura Stylez & Leah McSweeney on their premiere with HOT 97! The Young Money Bunny spoke on her pussy, past boyfriends and her non-existent relationship with fellow female rapper and labelmate Nicki Minaj.

Chanel West Coast on meeting Nicki Minaj two years ago: “I only saw her that one time when we won the awards on-stage. I don’t think she likes me or something, but she definitely wasn’t trying to be my friend. We were suppose to do interviews like after you get an award and you go backstage and do like press, so we were like all going as a group. Young Money this way and like Nicki Minaj started walking the other way and I remember everybody was like ‘Nicki where are you going.’ I had this weird feeling she was walking that way because of me. She was friends with everybody else, I was the only person that she wasn’t cool with.”