audra the rapper
11 months ago

Audra The Rapper Past The Female Rap Formula

Part of da plan was for you to watch Audra The Rapper on demand and she tryna touch the stage everywhere she can.

Audra The Rapper a natural born hustla and she been active doing shit since 2007.

Back in 2007, Audra The Rapper founded “The AMG Music For A Cause Foundation,” which focuses on youth HIV/AIDS awareness/prevention, youth violence prevention and teen pregnancy prevention.

Watch a 30 minute lengthy interview Audra The Rapper did on HOT 97’s Ladies First.

Audra The Rapper on female rap stuff: “I can honestly say I spent a lot of time trying to fit a formula. Like I think when we think of even female rappers, there’s a formula, you know what I’m saying. At least in recent years, the most successful ones are the ones that’s brought to our attention the most.”