snow tha product
10 months ago

Snow Tha Product Says Just Come Thru And Do What You Tryna Do

Snow Tha Product gave a sense of urgency when she came up in the game. Miss Snow wakes up every morning with a purpose to get shit done for her Woke movement after gettin’ out the mud a long time ago when she was selling CD’s for 5 bucks out in the streetz.

During an interview with 247HH awhile back, Snow Tha Product talked about a lot of stuff in a long interview. Watch one of da clips below!

Snow Tha Product notably said fuck what everybody else thinks or what older people think you have to do to come thru with what you tryna do.

“I was tryna market myself as a rapper and people would be like ‘you don’t look like a rapper, I don’t wanna buy your stuff, get away from me.’ So I was like, ‘well, I’ll rap for you. If you hear something you like, buy my CD, it’s only five bucks.'”

Snow Tha Product – Character, Hard Work, and… by 247HH