7 months ago

Trina Wants To See The Girl On Girl Action In Da Rap Game

Our Queen of Rap, Trina, wanna see all the beautiful women together on stage doing they thing on some Queen Shit.

“If women changed it around, this game would be so much different,” said Trina during an interview with DJ Kayslay on Shade45.

“It would be so much better because everybody really wanna see beautiful women. Like you really don’t wanna see a bunch of dudes all the time. You really wanna see some beautiful women. And it’s a lot women I think it’s just not a lot of unity and women are so insecure and jaded and jealous and catty and I didn’t come up like around that so that’s why I was able to get along with everybody and just be myself and embrace them and give them respect.”

“With girls, it’s just they’re not working together, no girls are like, it’s not a lot of collaborations, it’s no videos, it’s no tours, it’s nothing like girl on girl to give that girl power, to make that strength. It’s not no platforms for women to get out here and do they thing and it’s too much of the drama. People don’t have time for that. Nobody wanna have a tour for the women and you arguing and you beefing and fighting and makeup and the hair. That’s a lot.”

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