alicia goku
6 months ago

Alicia Goku Releases ‘Mary Jane’s Bestie Vol. 2’

Alicia Goku can’t be makin’ promises in this rap shit, for you and me, because life is not no guarantee.

The self-proclaimed Female Wiz Khalifa keeping her info on the low and gettin’ Guatemala dough out in these streetz.

Bet Alicia Goku schemin’ and stayin’ inside if she ain’t gettin’ dough tho.

Alicia Goku Mary Jane’s Bestie Vol. 2 Tracklist

01. Got Some Head and Dipped (prod. by leland lavinci)
02. Emperor’s New Groove (prod. by leland lavinci)
03. CREAM(prod. by leland lavinci)
04. Interlude I: You Hoes Steal Roaches Ft. L – T Terror
05. Angela Bassett(prod. by leland lavinci)
06. SuperHigh (on&on freestyle)
07. Visions
08. Diced Pineapples x Freak Like Me
09. Interlude II: Cornbread and Cabbage
10. Minks Outside the Headshop
11. I Got Plenty (prod. by leland lavinci)
12. Nigga Always Wanna Fall In Love (prod. by leland lavinci)