6 months ago

Trina Created A Term That Women Embody Worldwide

Yes it’s true, our Queen of rap, Trina, been creating terms that women worldwide feel like empower them from the inside and shit.

The Queen of The 305 is featured in the new Spring 2017 issue of The LA Fashion Magazine.

Trina on being our Consistent Queen of Rap: “Yes, I remember when it was quoted, and it was also debated at the same time. When you are titled as the “Most consistent” in anything, it does not mean that you have plaques and awards being given throughout your career, it simply means that you ensure that your role and how you are portrayed in such is constant. I was introduced to the music arena in 1998, and to be able to still sell out shows, have support from my peers and the fans worldwide to date is amazing. I am blessed to still be amongst the hip hop arena to release music, and embrace fans worldwide. As an entertainer, we are readily enabled as both a role model and target, and I have always pushed myself to work as hard as my male counterparts and even harder at times. Releasing my sixth studio album 17 years later since my first album is surreal at times for me. In between the albums, I have always tried to keep music fueling and my presence visible throughout my growth. To date, I have released five albums, 14 mixtapes, and on EP; I am honored to represent my fellow female emcees in being the most consistent woman in such because there are so many amazing women in the music industry that lack being recognized or titled for their uniqueness brought into the world we work in. Imagine a world where we as women and female emcees can unite and create a stronger unity amongst our work, there would be no limit.

I am just grateful for the continued support that I receive. 2017 is about the growth within my career on this sixth studio album, and I will continue to embrace the love and respect that is given. I created a term that women embody worldwide, DA BADDEST CHICK, and that alone symbolizes this same consistency in my career. The title was meant for the woman of strength, and the women who celebrate themselves and their independence; it was not meant for just having a bad body.”

trina the la fashion magazine photo shoot 2017

trina the la fashion magazine photo shoot 2017

Source: The LA Fashion Magazine