5 months ago

Video: Molly Brazy – ‘Lately’

Hoes beefin’ with they self unless they paying is how Molly Brazy thinkin’ about some situations “Lately.”

Molly Brazy wonderin’ when did these bitches start thinkin’ they was fuckin’ with da kid and three shots is what they gon’ get if they keep speakin’ on da young princess.

Bet Molly Brazy know most of these hoes and niggas is tryna plot on her ass thinkin’ they gon’ somehow get a pass in da rap game.

It really don’t matter either way though because Molly Brazy lookin’ more than pretty when she blowing da loud with da top down and got all these niggas playing her hot heat sounds.

Niggas don’t wanna pop da Molly that be Molly Brazy, lil’ bitch!

molly brazy

molly brazy