trina the one
1 week ago

Trina Bout To Hit A Home Run With ‘The One’

Trina already done won the crown of The 305 and is “The One” as a matter of fact when it comes to consistently lacing up new hot heat tracks.

Trina’s highly-anticipated 6th studio album “The One” will be a home run on September 8th, 2017.

Trina on the current state of female rap with da Huffington Post in a new article earlier this month: “I think the current state is cool, there’s a lot of youthfulness out right now and a lot of youthful emcee’s. It’s a good platform; although when it comes to deals and being signed the money isn’t always what they deserve and I think that’s one of the biggest gaps in between the females in the industry, but right now it is what it is, be beautiful ladies, do what you do and make beautiful music.”

Source: Huffington Post