Featured: New Female Rapper Nitty Scott Coming Thru

Nitty Scott From time to time this female rapper fansite will be doing features on new female rappers that are underground and are trying to make it in this music business. Plenty of talent out there so we gotta show some love! New on the scene female rapper Nitty Scott is planning on releasing “The BOOMBOX Diaries Vol. I EP” in the coming future. You can check out her twitter page. Visit her official website Nitty Scott MC. Download two featured songs by Nitty Scott below.

Download: Nitty Scott – I Luv My Life
Download: Nitty Scott – Here I Am

Nitty Scotty Biography

Nitty ScottThere’s a real element of surprise when Nitty Scott, MC, picks up a microphone and reveals the abstract and outspoken artist living inside the pocket-sized beauty. The art school grad writes and spits her own messages of positivity, knowledge and empowerment without sacrificing femininity and slick delivery. One of the few females creating a lane in organic, conscious rap, Nitty Scott, MC is the fly girl who ain’t afraid to get down with the cipher. She learned to appreciate the universal, political and spiritual elements of good music from her father, raising her on the sounds of Bob Marley, Sam Cooke, 2Pac and the like from as early as she can remember. A current NYC socialite and blog personality as well, Nitty Scott, MC is soon to take the urban underground by storytelling storm.

“Born in Michigan, made in Florida, paid in New York,” the lyrical femcee says of herself. Nitzia Scott was born in the midwestern city of Grand Rapids, Michigan to her Puerto-Rican mother and New Orleans-born African-American father, to whom she credits her diversity to.

At age 16, Nitty had already distributed mixtapes and compilations of her poetry recordings to local clubs and bars, major schools, clothing stores and retail shops in Central Florida, before relocating to New York in pursuit of a career in making hip-hop history.

Her years alone in the Big Apple transformed her from a teenager to a young woman, working tirelessly to establish herself as both an artist and an adult in an unfamiliar, competitive territory. She learned to creatively channel her experiences there into clever testimony, and developed artistically like never before.

With an impressive, well-rounded portfolio and a handful of odds and obstacles already overcome, Nitty Scott, MC is now under new management, preparing for her next move. She focuses on songwriting and trips to the studio, “the lab”, as she refers to it, and plans to work up a real buzz this year. Her debut independent music project is all in the works, from mixtapes to features to the upcoming Nitty Scott, MC blog.

Her mission statement remains as it always has, “to be apart of a movement and not an industry, to be socially responsible and charitable with her influence, to inspire art and educated listeners, to promote substance in mainstream entertainment, to be praised by critical acclaim, and to document an era via the written word.” Look out for Nitty Scott, MC, coming to a boombox near you !

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