Eve Is Ready To Release New Album, Female Rappers She Feels The Most Are Diamond, Azealia Banks And Nicki Minaj


Eve spoke with Fuse TV over the weeked after her performance with DMX at the Rock The Bells Festival and briefed fans as to why her new album has taken so long to be completed and what female rappers she is feeling in the industry right now.

On her new album and why she isn’t worried about getting the complete credit she deserves : “I don’t pay attention. I live in a bubble, I really do, I really shouldn’t, but I do. I mean ultimately if I worried about what people are thinking about me I couldn’t be who I am. Um, it is what it is and the only thing I have to prove to, I don’t prove anything to anyone but myself. And thats a lot of the reason why it took me so long to finish this record and now why I’m finally ready to put out this record. Because this is something, I’m always chasing me, I’m not chasing nothing else so whatever.”

On female rap : “I like the fact that a ton of females are coming up. Some of em’ are good and some of em’ aren’t,” said Eve. “I like Azealia Banks. I like um, lyrical like some her lyrics are cute, I like her. Um, plus shes in the fashion world, that’s my religion so one of our religions fashion food um haha and then uh you know I like Nicki man you know people want me to not like her, but theirs nothing not to like. She found a lane and shes living in it and shes doing her thing, why not like. Um who else I mean their’s Diamond! I love Diamond.”

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