• Lil Kim

Girl Chat With Lil’ Kim & Saweetie

The Queen Bee, Lil’ Kim, and Saweetie chatted it up with Interview Magazine together! Two female rappers together for a write up interview is definitely a good look for the female rap world! View photos of Saweetie for her Interview Photo Shoot and read a few snippets from the interview with Interview Magazine!

SAWEETIE: I have two questions for you: What’s your favorite Lil’ Kim song, and what’s the best bar you’ve ever rapped?

KIM: My favorite Lil’ Kim song by myself is “Qu—

SAWEETIE: Wait! Wait! Wait! Are you about to say “Queen B*tch”?

KIM: Yes! That’s my song! “Kill a n*gga for my n*gga by any means b*tch! Murder scene b*tch!”

SAWEETIE: My favorite bar by any female ever is yours: “Tryin’ to impress me with your five G stones, I give you ten Gs, nigga, if ya leave me alone.”

Source: Interview Magazine