Rapper Trina

Trina Hopes To Continue To Inspire The Next Generation of Female Rappers

Trina just did an interview with L’Officiel USA about navigating the hip hop world as a woman, her Rockstarr Music Group, The One, and much more!

Trina on Rockstarr Music Group:

Yes! I do [have my own label imprint] and am so proud to say this, no matter the tests or obstacles. In so many ways, I believe being tested comes from wanting to step outside the lines and take a risk on yourself. Rockstarr Music Group is mine, and I want to make sure that its legacy matches the legacy behind my music. The One introduced the record label in a sense of the release being first under the imprint, and I had full creative control over it. This album release had its difficulties, including the post-release events, but it’s still under my own [label], and I delivered a collective, creatively expanded Trina as a female emcee/icon in my own right. Future projects for artists under my label and any new music, if I choose to release, will be under RMG, and that is a blessing in its own. A long time coming and deserved. It doesn’t get easier to hold your spot in the hip-hop world as a woman and especially as an emcee. So you learn how to adapt, expand, and remain in your position until you are ready to retire its legacy. This is what I remind myself of in difficult times. I am thankful to be able to talk on my evolution since 1998 and honored by the support I still get from my fans and supporters worldwide.

Trina on inspiring new female rappers:

I am focusing on going into the future in happiness as a woman. And as an artist, I truly hope to continue inspiring rising femcees to hone their craft and hold their lane always. I hope my fans continue to enjoy my music and I am enabled to motivate them in one way or another. I am so grateful for the love given since my introduction.

Source: L’Officiel USA