Jean Grae Launches Multimedia Company, Announces New Releases and Web Sitcom


Jean Grae is pleased to announce the launch of her company KAGD (Kids Are Gonna Die). Ms. Grae has partnered KAGD with W.A.R. Media for future releases and projects. Guy Routte, Grae‘s manager and a CEO of W.A.R. Media bring years of experience and industry savvy to the merger, whilst the creative, unique energy of Grae guarantees a successful collaboration of multimedia products from the synergy of these two forces.

Postponed releases of Jean Grae‘s highly anticipated albums “Cake or Death” and “Gotham Down” were inevitable due to the recent dismantling of Talib Kweli and Corey Smyth’s Blacksmith record label. Now operating as a free industry agent, Grae looks forward to releasing both projects in upcoming months in partnership with W.A.R. Media.

KAGD is the realized materialization of Grae‘s desire to introduce her specific brand of writing, production, directing as well as completed and future comedic and dramatic ventures. Already established as an internationally critically acclaimed emcee, Jean Grae‘s alternative artistic genius is already evident in KAGD’s first partnership with W.A.R Media in the video release of ” Kill Screen aka Steve Wiebe”  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzK-fn9NaCE. Kill Screen proved to be a groundbreaking project and community interactive success, giving a glimpse of what this merger has to offer in the future. 

This holiday season, 2012, KAGD and W.A.R. Media will continue to deliver imaginative multimedia content promising to both break boundaries and confirm their dedication to elevating artistic vision and purpose. 
Project’s include: Grae’s comedic take on Christmas tunes, with the free downloadable EP “Ho X 3″ on December 25th. 

The long awaited video to the single “U&Me&EveryoneWeKnow.” January 2013

“Gotham Down” Project - January 2013

“Life With Jeannie” A web based bi-weekly sitcom; written, directed, edited and starring Grae. 

“Cake or Death” Project - 2nd Quarter 2013

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