Kelow Thugs Out ‘Thugasaurus’ Style In New Photo Shoot


Kelow is thugging shit out in her own way and its all about the lil’ baby dinosaurs over in her territory y’all bitches! Athens: New Renaissance Digital Magazine recently interviewed Kelow and discussed her unique style, her nail fetish and more. Currently, Kelow is working on her forthcoming album “Thugasaurus.” Photography for Kelow‘s Anthens : New Renaissance Digital Magazine was done by Tee Shot Ya.

About her nail fetish : “I’ve been getting my nails done since I was twelve… the same way.”

On the reaction she gets from her apperance : “Kids stare at me.. Old people love me…. Most people show me love, they actually appreciate my uniqueness.”

kelow photo shoot 2012

CREDIT: Anthens : New Renaissance Magazine

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