Teyana Taylor On The Cover of VIBE VIXEN’s Digital Issue

Teyana Taylor On The Cover of VIBE VIXEN’s Digital Issue

Better fashionably late than never.

G.O.O.D. Music’s one and only femme Teyana Taylor graces VIBE Vixen‘s Premier Fashion Issue. Kanye’s newest protégé has championed a style that’s influenced several young women in a rising generation of style. Bridging male-dominated urban looks with ultra-feminine, sexy sensibility, this fashion-forward chick deserves mad credit for reviving and revamping the trend! Before passing judgement, take a closer look at our cover story to see why this Harlem World native gets a Vixen stamp of approval on the style front.

Fittingly, Tey speaks her mind during the season of Spring/Summer 2013 showcases–Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. While several fashion fiends are copping front row seats at top designers’ shows, we beg if there’s room for people of color in this arena. And can women please get the respect they deserve in streetwear?

This e-issue is packed with off-the-beaten-path flavor. High-end threads are awesome, yes. But we’re bringing ‘em eye level to show you how you can incorporate it into you day-to-day style, especially with our Autumn fashion tips!

Enjoy the cover for now and read the full issue here on Tuesday, September 11!

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