Angel Haze Doesn’t Believe In Hell And Can’t Spend Ghost Dollars At The Club Y’all


Angel Haze did a quick interview with Top Man Generation and chatted about her religious beliefs and more y’all bitches! Read the interview excerpts!

Topman Generation: Are there any artists whose careers you aspire to?
Angel Haze: Eminem mostly, like everyone does. I was 16 the first time I was actually able to listen to him – he’s become a source of inspiration, especially when I feel like I need to be emotional. I wasn’t allowed to listen to music growing up because I have a really religious background and secular music wasn’t allowed in my family. I was raised in Apostolic Pentecostal – a cultish type of thing.

Generation: On the mixtape, you mention being scared of sin…
Angel Haze: I don’t know, I don’t remember my lyrics like that, but I probably did… I probably did say something like that. I always used to say one day I want to have everything I’ve ever wanted in life and then give it away to people who have nothing. I guess that’s what I’m working for. It’s something that’s gonna happen, you know? I’m just gonna give it all away. I might die, and I can’t die and go spend ghost dollars at the club.

Topman Generation: It’s a bit like Catholic guilt then? People carry that all their lives…
Angel Haze: They do! Sometimes I do something and I think: ‘I might go to hell for this!’ And then I think, ‘wait, I don’t believe in hell’.

Topman Generation: When did the switch occur in your mind to thinking hell is a man-made invention…
Angel Haze: When I was way young. In my mind the afterlife is what I’ve created in my head, what I’ve been living my whole life thinking, or aspiring to go to, or saying, ‘ This is what heaven is like!’ You create your own heaven in your head. Or you create your hell with your guilt. So, for me, it’s not a big deal… I believe in spiritual deeds. I believe in spirits, period. They’ve been present throughout my life a lot.

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