Angel Haze Says “Wicked Moon” Will Be Next Video, Wrote A Movie For Her Album


Just fresh after the news that she was signed to Universal Republic, Angel Haze chatted with Dazed and Confused about all the happenings she is currently pursing. The “odd” rapper explained the idea behind her music video “New York,” why her album does not show her face, the movie she wrote, being friends with Azealia Banks, plans to release the “Wicked Moon” music video next and more y’all bitches!

On her next video “Wicked Moon” and the movie she wrote :

DD: What will be the next video?
Angel Haze: I actually wrote a movie for the album.

DD: Like Kanye?
Angel Haze: Well, he was the only artist to ever make a visual movie for his album, but for me it’s an actual movie. It ties in things and they all make sense together. So I just pick and choose! But I wanna put out the ‘Wicked Moon’ video next.

DD: With Nicole Wray?
Angel Haze: Well, it was her song originally, and we fought her for a year and a half for it! But I can guarantee she won’t show up, and plus she probably won’t like my concept too much.

DD: What is the concept?
Angel Haze: I can’t give too much away. But I used to think a lot as a kid ‘what if God was the bad guy, and Satan was the one trying to prove it to you?’


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  1. Prince Trin August 16, 2012 at 9:38 PM - Reply

    I love the “Wicked Moon” track just because Nicole Wray was on it, so to know that this was an original piece of work by Nicole Wray, I’m ever more impress. Nicole Wray has always been a music artists that been about positivity and has held down the image in the limelight of goodness such as Aaliyah. So when I hear that this track is going to have this type of concept I can see why Nicole will not show up plus who wants there music being associated with these type of negative vibes. Collaborations of music should always be a mutual respect of two people making great music and sharing the same ideas for that track and music videos.

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