Eve Doesn’t Listen To Nicki Minaj , Explains Why Her New Album Has Taken So Long And More In Duabi


Last weekend the pit bull in a skirt female rapper, Eve traveled to Dubai where she performed at Club Cavalli. Eve had a chance to chat with AhlanLive.COM about her long-awaited new album and more. Listen to a snippet of Eve’s new single featuring Snoop Dogg here. View photos from her performance at Club Cavalli and read excerpts from the interview below.

Why has the new album has taken so long to come out?

“It’s been out of my control. There definitely hasn’t been any real reason except that it just hasn’t been the right album or it hasn’t been the right group of people unfortunately, but this time around this album is the right album. I wanted to make sure I was in love with the record, and I am right now.”

We’ve heard rumours you’re working with Snoop Dogg. Is there any truth to this?Yeah, Snoop Dogg is actually on the record!
What’s he like in real life?

“He’s great. He’s hilarious. Not a lot of people know that but every time I see him or I talk to him on the phone he always gives me business advice, so he’s also kind of like a big brother in that way.”

You’ve worked with some great people like Alicia Keys and Gwen Stefani. Are you still in touch with them?

“I don’t really see Gwen. I actually saw Alicia the other day at the studio with Swizz [Beatz] and she played me some of her new stuff, which is amazing. It’s quintessential Alicia Keys. It’s really great. Honestly, I wanted to steal a copy when I was leaving!”

What do you think of artists like Nicki Minaj who are following in your footsteps?

“It’s not music I listen to, but I do appreciate her as an artist and I think she’s holding the flag for female rappers right now.”

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