Kreayshawn Plays In Bed And Smokes Ciggys In Her New Music Video ‘Breakfast’ [PHOTOS]


Yes the public is wondering what happened to the “Gucci Gucci” rapper Kreayshawn and why hasn’t she already released her new album etc etc…. Kreayshawn could be taking her time to make creative magic y’all so don’t hate so much on Krazy Kreayshawn! Recently Kreayshawn announced her debut album title will be ‘Somethin’ Bout Kreay’ on Twitter and also performed her new single ‘Breakfast’ in Fresno ! Today Kreayshawn hit the bed and made magical scenes for her new music video “Breakfast” ! Ohh naughty Kreayshawn! I wonder in the video if she brings the food in the bed with her and rubs it all over herself??

Kreayshawn Breakfast

Kreayshawn breakfast 2012
kreayshawn 2012
Kreayshawn breakfast music video
Kreayshawn breakfast music video

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