LoLa Monroe Mother Goose’s Hoes On New Track “Gettin’ To It” Feat. Wiz Khalifa


LoLa Monroe enlists Wiz Khalifa on her new track “Gettin’ To It.”

“Chickens cluckin’ & pluckin’ like they buckin’ and duckin’. They be fu*king and sucking just to get em’ a buck in,” raps LoLa Monroe in mother-goose style on new track “Gettin’ To It” featuring Wiz Khalifa.

“He squeeze it like a toothpaste and he tie me like two piece, said it taste just like some Koolaid threw it back just like a bouquet. I’m like ladi dadi dadi, but my stacks just took a party. Money probably like a Polly Pockets poppin’ like a molly,” LoLa Monroe confesses.

“Pull them four wheelers out, fu*k they talkin’ bout? I pull my four killers out, they gon truck em’ out. My bitches in the trap, they be silent in the hood. Might push ya wig back, I be pilling what you should. Woulda, coulda, shoulda, n*gga wish you woulda coulda figured. Pussy automatic target wish you woulda pulled the trigger,” raps LoLa Monroe.

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