Los Feat. LoLa Monroe ‘King Los’ [MUSIC VIDEO]


Female rap fans are wondering who The Queen Bo$$et LoLa Monroe is talking about on her boo’s new music video “King Los.” LoLa Monroe does look hot and her raps are sick!

Queen bosset cause I run shit I stay dumb slick fly tell a bum b*tch bye
Wanna come trick, why, you ain’t built like that
You gonna fu*k around and get killed like that
Ol’ back of the race looking bitch ol’ wack ass drag in the face looking b*tch
Ole half ass, no swag having a*s, ho as* slow a*s
Last of the apes looking b*tch
You’re styled played out like Manolo boots
We taking headshots welcome to the photoshoot
I’ll wipe this b*tch! Who hype this b*tch?
Make me put a ho down like Mike Vick pit
Betcha life get hit like a 10 car crash
You dont really want it though send me all trash
I’m from garfield where they known to skin all rats
And get rid of white boy like Kim Kardash
Get it?

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