Video : Iggy Azalea Is White And Like People Might Look At Her Differently In The United States


Iggy Azalea speaks on how she’s perceived in America versus Australia or Europe, being a white female artist making waves in hip-hop. Iggy Azalea also reveals how she deals with negative feedback she receives and how it propels her to move forward in her career.

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  1. Whitey August 10, 2012 at 1:50 AM - Reply

    Why does she always feel the need to glorify her whiteness? Like who cares if you’re white? We know you’re white already. If you’re going to rap, just rap. Stop showcasing your race. Iggy has her race and is getting mad publicity because she’s “white”. Kreayshawn just goes hard and has her “white girl mob”. But seriously, I’m sick of them flashing their race in people’s faces like it’s a trophy or some shit. Honey Cocaine don’t say she’s Asian every 5 seconds. Just rap!!

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