Kreayshawn Appericates Azealia Banks Not Being A Kunt To Her Anymore

Kreayshawn Appericates Azealia Banks Not Being A Kunt To Her Anymore

Kreayshawn sat down with MTV NEWS and explained her appreciation for Azealia Banks apologizing to her after calling her a dumb bitch. The “Go Hard” rapper explained their relationship before the beef, the leading up moment to the public apology and her feelings after the apology was given to her. Kreayshawn will release her debut album “Somethin’ Bout Kreay” on September 18!

Before the beef : “We had some shows in Japan together and we had a chance to watch each other perform,” Kreay told MTV News. “I’ve always been a fan, and she hit me up and said, ‘I really like your live show.’ That was back in April, but no one even noticed that.”

Before the apology : “I went to her Mermaid Ball show in LA because a lot of my homegirls were performing,” Kreayshawn said. “She ended up hitting me up a couple of weeks after and said, ‘I really wanna publicly apologize,’ and I [thought that was] really dope.”

Her feelings after the apology : I think it’s cool because there’s so many girls looking up to everyone that all the beef tears our fans apart,” the rapper continued. People feel like, ‘I have to be this person’s fan and hate on this person.’ So I think it shows that you can forgive people, you can apologize to people, you can realize you’re wrong and it shows camaraderie for all girls. It’s for girl power.”

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