Kreayshawn On Debut Album : “It’s Like A Musical Adventure”

Kreayshawn On Debut Album : “It’s Like A Musical Adventure”

Kreayshawn chatted it up with MTV and spoke on her debut album “Something ‘Bout Kreay,” which debuts on September 18! The innovative artist explained to MTV how she loves the feature Cudi did for her album, the different genre’s of music on the album and plenty more y’all!

On each song sounding different on the debut album : “My main goal was to have every song inspired by a different genre of music, so every song sounds incredibly different. They all sound drastically different and I think the album’s gonna reflect that. It’s like a musical adventure I guess — it’s just me showing my music knowledge and having fun.”

On the track with Cudi : “Since every song sounds so vastly different, the features are gonna be everywhere. With Cudi, we didn’t really plan [to make a song], he came in and said, ‘Oh I’m really into this punk stuff’ and I was like, ‘My mom was in a punk band!” From there Cudi brought in a guitar and began playing riffs for a track he had in mind, and they eventually incorporated live drums into the final product. “The song that me and Cudi did is really punk-inspired. But he does gas that track though. Every time it comes on I know his whole verse by heart.”


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