Nicki Minaj Allegedly Wanted For American Idol

Nicki Minaj Allegedly Wanted For American Idol

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox execs are looking to add Nicki Minaj to the judges on “American Idol.” Nicki Minaj’s name has previously come up in the mix of judging candidates, but a source now says that she’s being more seriously considered.

Even if Nicki Minaj does want to join the judges on “American Idol” and they do want her it still seems she might not be able to because of her current endorsement deal with Pepsi. “American Idol” has a $26 million deal with Coke, which would conflict with Nicki’s contract with the rival soft drink company.

What do you think of the report that Nicki Minaj is allegedly wanted for the new season of “American Idol”? Would you like to see the rapper on the show? Which stars would you like to see join the panel of judges?

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