Video : Snow Tha Product Speaks On “Good Nights And Bad Mornings,” Collaborating With Los And More


Snow Tha Product lets FlyTimesDaily in the studio with her to talk about everything she has up her sleeves for the next month. Snow Tha Product talks about her new project “Good Nights and Bad Mornings,” collaborating with Los, collaborating with Tech N9ne, her mother, the producers she is working with, her Product Pushas and more!

On her fans : “Being close to my fans is like super important. You know I remember looking up to artist and stuff and like I wish I could talk to them as much as I talk to my fans and also I just get a lot of it because I get to actually hear what they like, what songs they like, what songs they don’t like. You know and just the feedback is really important so I like it and also those are the people at the end of the day those are the people that are riding with me you know what I mean like those are the people that are really gonna push for me. They go out and promote whether its links or flyers or videos or posters or whatever you know so I really care about my Product Pushas and shout out to them.”

On new mixtape “Good Nights and Bad Mornings” : “It should be dropping hopefully next month and I’m super proud of it because its like, I think its my best work so far and that’s always a good thing you know to always strive to be more creative and do different songs you know like different subjects and stuff like that so um I previewed “Fuck Your Phone” yesterday and a lot of people were feeling it and “Lord Be With You” and just a lot of tracks that have different concepts that I think people are going to like.”

On working with Los : “Really my manager hit me up and hes been working with a bunch of people and he was like hey you know I got these people you know that want to work with you and their down and um thats really how everything is happening like whether I’m in the studio and I meet people or my manger. I got a lot of good tracks coming up.”

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