Chloe : “Honestly, I Was Go-Go Dancing Senior Year”

Chloe : “Honestly, I Was Go-Go Dancing Senior Year”

Chloe got drank in her cup and she ain’t gonna lie about it during her interview on LabelPushers outside somewhere sunny y’all! Chloe talks fashion, how she started rapping, what she raps about and more. Her new project “Hollywood Playground” is coming soon!

How she started rapping : “I got started… Honestly, I was Go-Go dancing um senior year so I was kinda already into the club scene. I was signing a little bit um started recording with a producer and made a sick track. Met my manager who lived up in LA. Uh, started going back and fourth and then moved to LA and got signed in less than a year.”

What she raps about : “I like to rap about having fun. I like to rap about what I know. I’m not rapping about things I don’t know because then that’s like fake and wack and you can tell, but you know really I think I can bring a cool fun vibe. You know I’m not here to start fights and shit I’m here to just have a good time and want everyone to just have fun with me. You know what I’m trying to get out to you guys is about confidence and when you believe in yourself you can do anything in the whole world.”

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