Video : Diamond Says Her Boutique Will Have Reasonable Prices And Reveals She Leaves Her Makeup On Sometimes


Diamond chatted with Power 105.1 correspondent Vanessa Denis after her Power 105.1 Breakfast Club interview. Diamond talks about her new LP “The Young Life,” her upcoming online boutique, cooking, leaving her makeup on at night and more!

On her new LP “The Young Life” : July 31st, its called “The Young Life.” I think its 11 tracks. This project to me is the most important out of my whole career because this is really showing me gaining my independence. I’m 24 years old I been in the game 10 years so dis LP is kinda the introduction to what my album is gonna sound like.”

On leaving makeup on : “I keep my makeup on and then when I do wash my face at night I try to keep my eyebrows and eye shadow on so that way you know I can just you know what I’m saying. Just re-apply some eye shadow and put the foundation back on the next day. Don’t tell nobody! Whatever is easy and fast cuz we be moving.”

On what she cooks best : “I slay a macaroni dish. I’m not talking about the box macaroni, I’m talking about from scratch. Chopped up onions, cheese, eggs, everythang.”

On her new online boutique : “I’m opening up an online boutique so the prices are gonna be real reasonable! Shoes, shorts and um bottoms as well.”

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    Lmaoo I’m from Michigan & even we call it dressing smh

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