Snow Tha Product : “I’m Just Trying To Relate To The Girls Who Don’t Always Feel Like They’re The Beautiful One”


Snow Tha Product has been chosen as one of the Dallas Observers most interesting characters in the metro area and embraced the opportunity with thoughts on the female rap game, information on her new project “Good Nights And Bad Mornings,” feeling like the unpretty girl and more.

On the ups and downs of female rap : “When I started about five years ago, female rappers were dying out,” the 24-year-old says. “I started putting stuff on YouTube and Myspace, and people started paying attention.”

Relating to other girls : “A lot of female rappers are supposed to be flossy and bougie,” she says. “Sometimes I get in a room with other female rappers and they’re like, ‘I’ll have a glass of wine.’ I’m the awkward one, drinking a beer. So I’m just trying to relate to the girls who don’t always feel like they’re the beautiful one.

On making money in female rap : “In this game, there’s always just room for one,” she adds. “Male rappers never get compared to each other, but with women, it’s, ‘Well, is she better than this other one?’ I thank Nicki Minaj. There was a time they didn’t think there was money in female rap, and now they see there is.”

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