Eve In Rolling Stone : “I Feel Like A New Artist”


On the heels of a new album release in 2013, learn where the Philly native recording artist, well-respected fashion designer and talented actress Eve gathers her inspiration from on Rolling Stone’s Style File. Eve speaks on how she has been able to maintain her status, her new feelings towards musical endeavors, advice for females and more!

“I feel aggressive! I feel like get out of my way I’m coming. I feel like a new artist,” said Eve. “You can never forget where you come from. You can never forget your core and hopefully people will feel that on this record. I come from a group of 50 guys. I come from Ruff Ryders and to be in that group you had to be strong and demand respect so when you come through you gotta come through as a lion, as a tiger. I guess you know that’s what helped me maintain.”

On other girls coming up : “Always hold true to who you are. Never let anyone still your shine. You are special for a reason. Always believe in who you are.”

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